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furaffinitytalk's Journal

FurAffinity Talk
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All Members , Moderated
Topics and Discussions about the FurAffinity Community
FurAffinityTalk is a OPEN community for discussing issues related to http://www.furaffinity.net

If you were looking for the Furaffinty Status and Announcements Lj Community,
Go to furaffinity

A Word of WARNING to new users:

This is a Open-Talk, Lightly Moderated Community.
Remember that posting here is the same as having conversations in public.

We will not stop trolling, insults,swearing, or other types of behavior.

However, we will not tolerate the posting of personal information, or bringing
fights you start over to FA and the FA Forums. Keep them here.

If you Put someone on Blast, be prepared to back yourself up.

The Major ground rules for the this community are simple.

-No spamming.

-No Advertising competing services or websites unless approved by the moderators.

-No Commission Adverts. We hate that crap and this isn't the place for that.

-No table breaking unless its ACTUALLY funny.

-Posting Images is allowed, within reason.See that table-breaking rule

-No posting of personal info or using this community as a launch point for other attacks.

-Posting of Chatlogs is allowed, as long as personal information is not divulged.

-Do not post links to pirated artwork or collections.Nobody cares.

Do not expect mods to rescue you and delete comments.

Do not expect mods to ban users if they are trolling.

If you start a fight with someone here, don't expect us to stop it.

Do not email us if you have a problem with someone giving you grief.Take it up with them.
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