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So I was thinking about doing an FA Crash Tip Board the last time, but I kinda kept it to myself. After seeing that the site can barely hold up it's own for more than a month after $10K+ was thrown at it, I guess we might as well play a game.

Tip Boards are simple. We'll have a base amount to put down, like $5 per square. One square limit. We'll set it up for half-week increments, such as 12:00AM Sunday through 11:59AM Wednesday, and 12:00PM Wednesday through 11:59PM Saturday. Buy a square for $5 with your bet on how long it will take for FA to go down again. A minimum amount of downtime should be a set time of 1-4 hours or something. That will be laid out later on what most people would agree on.

FA mods and Admins need not apply. This is simply because they could buy a square and shut it down for a while and claim to win. Totally not fair at all. This is just for the userbase to pitch in.

It will be a 50/50 style system, meaning 50% of the amount taken in will be given to the winner and the other 50% would be donated to another site/organization such as FAP or some other site that doesn't have their admins buy video cards to "work on FA with."

I will be doing this. Every penny taken in will be accounted for, even with screenshots if need-be.

Anyone like this idea?

*EDIT* Set up a board for it, as well as an e-mail address.


Look over the rules here: http://www.rojadrik.com/fatipboard/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2

Make suggestions and shit. Either post 'em here or on the board. I don't care, as long as we cover a lot of things before we get it started. I'd like to see it up and running by 11:59PM on Saturday.
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Just a friendly reminder


Why in gods name would anyone ACTUALLY put themselves through that much shit, when they're not being paid a dime and get constant shit from users and admins alike?  And yet dozens of people totally believe this and are suddenly praising the FA staff FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF FA.  A month of downtime for any corporate site and you better just declare it dead.

And what's with the rumor that Dragoneer used a slice of the donation pie to pay for a new video card so he could "work on the site"?  Is there any truth to that?

Shinanigins I say!

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I feel that no matter what, I always have an issue with those in authority. I tend to also get annoyed when I am accused of trolling with no proof that I was, in fact, trolling.

Oh wait, i did.

So, just because I won't get banned for talking shit on someone here, what do you think about Dave Hyena? Douche or not? Does he have a fork up his ass, or does he seriously give a rat's ass about the users of the site? Read for moar lulz

Also, how many of you are even planning on using FA anymore? I feel that I'm just going to chill over at FAP because, well, they have a tagging system as well as a handy-dandy SEARCH option; something FA hasn't had on oh what? Two years?

Yak, instead of overhauling the site himself like he could have an is capable of doing would rather try and polish the turd that is FA's code instead of actually rebuilding it like it should have been two years ago. Oh gee, we;ve got new buttons in our inbox now. Awesome. We still don't have a search, or a code that doesn't drag down the server to a crawl constantly.

I'm just going to abandon FA like some people already have. It's the McCain of Furry Art sites.