darksani (darksani) wrote in furaffinitytalk,

Allan (Lupine Assassin) BAN

Well. am i surprised that twit finally got the hammer from Dragoneer. Nope. sadly i truly hope he learns from this. but then again knowing him hes gonna go leech off another website under a different name. I mean come on what heartless self loving idiot takes the money that was given to him for his rent and other means of helping him stay alive and how does he thank his trusted donors. by taking their money and spending it on countless commissions that money was never intended for. It was intended to keep him in a home off the streets and alive. Well this is a APB if you see the guy don't feel pity for him. don't show remorse. don't vie him any kind of true emotion at all. he is nothing more then a crybaby crook. if you want to help him. thats your own risk i'm just warning you all.

Also I would like to nominate allan for the Blast of the week.

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