darksani (darksani) wrote in furaffinitytalk,

FA Legitimately hacked

Well I guess you all saw the drama of the hacking situation over at the forums and read Dragoneers confession of how the admin staff "accidentally" added the hacked account to be admin status instead of banned seems to me a sign of weakness. I also laugh that Neer hasn't swapped the forum software to MyBB instead of that VBulletin software. MyBB is noted to be 10x more secure then any other known forum software to date that is considered free. sigh..........well i'm just gonna shut up. Now if only Neer would be kind enough to share that IP from the account that claimed to be the cracker.
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I actually didn't see any of that D:
Link preez?
Mah Boi this link is what all true furries lol for!

Thanks :D
This is gonna be fun >D

Deleted comment

I never said i would attack.
Mostly I'll just hand it over in a pastebin or something and say hack this guy and get 100$.
sides i'm a retired hacker. Today's rules on how you hack someone is far different then what they were years ago.
...and nobody really does anything except the dozens of retarded furries that are licking Dragoneer's gaping asshole.

I am not surprised at all by his incredible lack of intelligence.
and here i thought someone would never notice

Deleted comment

lol being the fact i was a hacker for 11 years of my pathetic wastebin of a life i know the goods of chaging a password. however sometimes having the same one isn't always bad either. just make sure your password is

a: more then 6 digits long and has atleast 3 numbers or 2 special symbols

b:make sure its a easy to remember password but is hard to guess IE one thats not in any known dictionary
a good example is the Argon List. 5gigs of pure word list.

c:Your password is your life. protect it cherish it. call it your precious because once its been takn. put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.