darksani (darksani) wrote in furaffinitytalk,

omg another policy change


not that i[m surprised but it appears that FA is now allowing the fractal artists to join in on the sites resources.
Not that i can say its a bad thing I rather enjoy them i have already confirmed with Neer that there might be the bringing of a Fractals Admin to ensure that quality not quantity is allowed on the site
may god have mercy on their sole who gets that role.

Anyway SL-Screenshots also got a good bite in the butt
only things made by or for the user can be shown
the 3 picture limit is still in effect
sigh....... I still believe they should just be banned its kinda pointless to have a sl avy posing naughty for people on FA its so stupid and completely un-original ok shutting up.

The major change was the hit to photo uploads to FA
mostly the sexual disallowments have been made more clearer and photomorphs are now in the spot light. images of poor quality IE blurry,grain(unless artistic effect) distorted (unless properly morphed) are to be in the scraps only not the gallery.

so who likes and or dis-likes the new changes

I'd advise reading them on the forums discussion so you know whats going on if you havent already.


and yes i'm a deranged...that is all

***this message has been brought to you via live streaming to your mind...have a nice day***
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