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Creepy Notes

Now, I guess this is moreso just a tiny little bitching I need to do, but it's in reference to FurAffinity and I sort of don't have a lot of people that read my journal. I looked for a snark community in specific, but there wasn't one. I'm grumpy, I seen snarks posted here before so here it goes.

Name censored to protect the weird.

Hi there!
Sent By: xxxxxx On: November 24th, 2008 10:35
Hi!!! how you doing??
You are is so hooooooot!! please!! do you wanna pawing off with me on web cam??

Like, okay. I realise we're dealing with furries, which, proportionately tend to be kind of anti-social and don't have a lot of people skills. You know, I'm not so great in crowds, myself. I realise the whole super sexual aspect of the fandom is kind of a large aspect, especially since I draw a lot of gay porn. I get that. But usually, people direct their comments at the artwork, and not at me.
This isn't certainly is not the first Note like this I've gotten, either. I'm sure it won't be the last. At the same time I guess because I'm just grumpy at the moment I have to bitch about it.

Since I tend to be pretty level headed I just responded with a succinct, "No thanks, I have a boyfriend."
8 seconds or 15 F5 presses or so pass, and:

RE: Hi there!
Sent By: xxxxxx On: November 24th, 2008 10:48
me too! but this is just for fun... ^^ come on! pleaaase!

GODDAMMIT. Do I have to be an asshole to people to stop them from being weird at me? Do I have to flip out and cuss and be an insane, slavering bastard just to stop people propositioning me for weirdass fursuit sex or something?

I know this is just a lame little Note on FA. But it's something I notice about the community in general, you know? At some point, we have to define where sexuality should begin and end -- And I think right after 'I've never seen you before in my life. How are you?' is a good place to understand that innuendoes aren't welcome, especially after one very clear answer to the negative.

Have you ever gotten any weird Notes like this? How do you respond to them, or do you at all?
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