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That perennial question

Back in July, when the server was down and new hardware was being ordered, I asked, "Any likelihood the new server configuration will be fast enough to have a Search function?" To which yak_dude answered, "Yes."


Well, it's now been two months since FA came back online. Are there any plans to actually install a search function? And can anyone tell us when that will be? The server seems to be running well now, not slowly and not timing out between link clicks like would happen half the time before. I daresay the server truly is fast enough to support search.
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the server configuration is certainly powerful enough to handle search on a database structure that wasn't written by a five year old

pretty much everything regarding FA except the current management issues can be traced back to that balloon of a programmer
So what happened to this infamous programmer I hear about? I just hear about this programmer who was SO bad, haha.
he changed his name like a billion times

he USED to go by Alkora but now he goes by some other name
Yes, yes it is - especially since we're working on deploying another, third web server, as it was planned for before it.

You all keep talking about the search like there's no tomorrow, but you keep missing out the fact that it might not be as relevant as you'd have hoped it would be. And relevance actually suffers. Take a look at any average submission on FA. Does it's title or description describe the image at all in most cases?

The search is already there, and it works. But it returns irrelevant results most of the time. FA does not have sensible tags to fall on to improve result relevancy, and FA does not have proper descriptions. So I'm screwing around with dictionaries, trying to make some half-assed extract from submission's comments to aid result relevancy and what not.
Until at least 60% of found results start resembling what I searched for, search is not ready for production use. It's not a question of having the ability to run it any more, it's now a question of deployment.


December 11 2008, 19:56:58 UTC 11 years ago Edited:  December 11 2008, 19:59:13 UTC

I fail to see why its such a big problem... cant you just regexp the title and description fields?

Yerf just passed the search to grep on the database files, which were just colon seperated test files with one record per line.

How about adding a tagging system?
And how does applying a regular expression to the submission's title or description helps aid relevancy?

If Yerf's database was indeed plain text CSV file, and they were managing to run the website normally with that, not horribly slowing down and all - then they are most probably not getting the same amount of hits as FA does, and thus can afford the inefficiency of such a solution.

FA had a search that ran in approximately the same way before but it was taken down, for obvious performance tax reasons.

Tags are considered to be implemented in this version of FA, "maybe or maybe not". Ferrox has them by design.