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"As the Fandom Turns"

FA Crash Tip Board

So I was thinking about doing an FA Crash Tip Board the last time, but I kinda kept it to myself. After seeing that the site can barely hold up it's own for more than a month after $10K+ was thrown at it, I guess we might as well play a game.

Tip Boards are simple. We'll have a base amount to put down, like $5 per square. One square limit. We'll set it up for half-week increments, such as 12:00AM Sunday through 11:59AM Wednesday, and 12:00PM Wednesday through 11:59PM Saturday. Buy a square for $5 with your bet on how long it will take for FA to go down again. A minimum amount of downtime should be a set time of 1-4 hours or something. That will be laid out later on what most people would agree on.

FA mods and Admins need not apply. This is simply because they could buy a square and shut it down for a while and claim to win. Totally not fair at all. This is just for the userbase to pitch in.

It will be a 50/50 style system, meaning 50% of the amount taken in will be given to the winner and the other 50% would be donated to another site/organization such as FAP or some other site that doesn't have their admins buy video cards to "work on FA with."

I will be doing this. Every penny taken in will be accounted for, even with screenshots if need-be.

Anyone like this idea?

*EDIT* Set up a board for it, as well as an e-mail address.


Look over the rules here: http://www.rojadrik.com/fatipboard/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2

Make suggestions and shit. Either post 'em here or on the board. I don't care, as long as we cover a lot of things before we get it started. I'd like to see it up and running by 11:59PM on Saturday.
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