FA and Forum not working

Maybe I'm reacting to soon but for some reason when I try to go the FA main site or the forum I get the Internet Explorer cannot display  the website message. So I'm just curious if anyone else is having this problem or if is just on my end.

Allan (Lupine Assassin) BAN

Well. am i surprised that twit finally got the hammer from Dragoneer. Nope. sadly i truly hope he learns from this. but then again knowing him hes gonna go leech off another website under a different name. I mean come on what heartless self loving idiot takes the money that was given to him for his rent and other means of helping him stay alive and how does he thank his trusted donors. by taking their money and spending it on countless commissions that money was never intended for. It was intended to keep him in a home off the streets and alive. Well this is a APB if you see the guy don't feel pity for him. don't show remorse. don't vie him any kind of true emotion at all. he is nothing more then a crybaby crook. if you want to help him. thats your own risk i'm just warning you all.

Also I would like to nominate allan for the Blast of the week.

FA account


FA Legitimately hacked

Well I guess you all saw the drama of the hacking situation over at the forums and read Dragoneers confession of how the admin staff "accidentally" added the hacked account to be admin status instead of banned seems to me a sign of weakness. I also laugh that Neer hasn't swapped the forum software to MyBB instead of that VBulletin software. MyBB is noted to be 10x more secure then any other known forum software to date that is considered free. sigh..........well i'm just gonna shut up. Now if only Neer would be kind enough to share that IP from the account that claimed to be the cracker.

omg another policy change


not that i[m surprised but it appears that FA is now allowing the fractal artists to join in on the sites resources.
Not that i can say its a bad thing I rather enjoy them i have already confirmed with Neer that there might be the bringing of a Fractals Admin to ensure that quality not quantity is allowed on the site
may god have mercy on their sole who gets that role.

Anyway SL-Screenshots also got a good bite in the butt
only things made by or for the user can be shown
the 3 picture limit is still in effect
sigh....... I still believe they should just be banned its kinda pointless to have a sl avy posing naughty for people on FA its so stupid and completely un-original ok shutting up.

The major change was the hit to photo uploads to FA
mostly the sexual disallowments have been made more clearer and photomorphs are now in the spot light. images of poor quality IE blurry,grain(unless artistic effect) distorted (unless properly morphed) are to be in the scraps only not the gallery.

so who likes and or dis-likes the new changes

I'd advise reading them on the forums discussion so you know whats going on if you havent already.


and yes i'm a deranged...that is all

***this message has been brought to you via live streaming to your mind...have a nice day***
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Creepy Notes

Now, I guess this is moreso just a tiny little bitching I need to do, but it's in reference to FurAffinity and I sort of don't have a lot of people that read my journal. I looked for a snark community in specific, but there wasn't one. I'm grumpy, I seen snarks posted here before so here it goes.

What the fuck kind of 'sperged out world do we live in where people think it's fine and dandy to approach someone completely out of the blue with shit like this?Collapse )
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That perennial question

Back in July, when the server was down and new hardware was being ordered, I asked, "Any likelihood the new server configuration will be fast enough to have a Search function?" To which yak_dude answered, "Yes."


Well, it's now been two months since FA came back online. Are there any plans to actually install a search function? And can anyone tell us when that will be? The server seems to be running well now, not slowly and not timing out between link clicks like would happen half the time before. I daresay the server truly is fast enough to support search.
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Final Flight?

Does anyone know the artist Final Flight? I commissioned a painted necklace to pick up at Anthrocon. She left it at home by accident and said she would mail it out once she got home. Well I haven't received it yet and I've emailed and messaged her about it but haven't gotten any replies.
I'd love to have my necklace or a refund :C

Anyone know anything about this artist or are friends with them to tell her to email me??
FA user: FinalFlight

FA Crash Tip Board

So I was thinking about doing an FA Crash Tip Board the last time, but I kinda kept it to myself. After seeing that the site can barely hold up it's own for more than a month after $10K+ was thrown at it, I guess we might as well play a game.

Tip Boards are simple. We'll have a base amount to put down, like $5 per square. One square limit. We'll set it up for half-week increments, such as 12:00AM Sunday through 11:59AM Wednesday, and 12:00PM Wednesday through 11:59PM Saturday. Buy a square for $5 with your bet on how long it will take for FA to go down again. A minimum amount of downtime should be a set time of 1-4 hours or something. That will be laid out later on what most people would agree on.

FA mods and Admins need not apply. This is simply because they could buy a square and shut it down for a while and claim to win. Totally not fair at all. This is just for the userbase to pitch in.

It will be a 50/50 style system, meaning 50% of the amount taken in will be given to the winner and the other 50% would be donated to another site/organization such as FAP or some other site that doesn't have their admins buy video cards to "work on FA with."

I will be doing this. Every penny taken in will be accounted for, even with screenshots if need-be.

Anyone like this idea?

*EDIT* Set up a board for it, as well as an e-mail address.


Look over the rules here: http://www.rojadrik.com/fatipboard/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2

Make suggestions and shit. Either post 'em here or on the board. I don't care, as long as we cover a lot of things before we get it started. I'd like to see it up and running by 11:59PM on Saturday.